Crime Facts

Fact 1

The total number of bikes stolen in 2009 was 25,960 (there was no significant change on the previous year but what is concerning is that bike sales have been declining over the last 3 - 4 years but the overall quantity of bikes stolen have been in the same region over the period therefore, increasing in real terms)

Fact 2

This averages out at 71 bikes per day, almost 500 machines per week (499), 2,163 per month - an alarming amount especially when you take into account how many machines are sold in the current economic climate.

Fact 3

If you were to take an average value of between £3k - £6K per machine this would equate to £77 - £155 million per year, £6.4 - £12.9 million per month, £1.4 - £2.9 million per week and £213k - £426k per day. No matter which way you look at these amounts, they are of concern and significant.

Fact 4

The percentage that is recovered is overall 42.24% - which is 2% less than last year but 10% and much less than cars. So recoveries are down and although 2% does not sound much, but it would equate to over 500 machines that are not recovered and if we apply the same average values listed above then this could be £1.5 - £3 million worth of riders machines not being recovered.