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Crime Facts

Fact 1

The total number of bikes stolen in 2018 was 27,326; down from 2017 when 32,194 were stolen. This has been due, in part, to the work of police forces across the UK and the adoption of more aggressive tactics to tackle motorcycle and scooter theft. However, 27,000 is still a lot of motorcycles and scooters.

Fact 2

This averages out at 75 bikes per day, almost 525 machines per week (499), 2,277 per month - an alarming amount, especially if one of them is yours!

Fact 3

If you were to take an average value of between £7k per machine this would equate to £191 million per year, £16 million per month, nearly £4 million per week and £569k per day. No matter which way you look at these amounts, they are of concern and significant.

Fact 4

The percentage that is recovered is overall 49.37% - which is better than 2017 and shows that increased awareness and the use of security marking and tracking is having an impact on recoveries. However that still means that £13.663 motorcycles and scooters are disapearing 'into thin air' every year, with many broken for their parts and used to create cloned motorcycles which can be sold on to unsuspecting customers. Whichever way you look at it, motorcycle crime has an impact on every rider and is why the MCRG continues it work with the industry to fight this scourge.

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